What is a Familymoon anyway?

This is the question my friend asked when they saw the beautiful pull-up banner I had designed to display at wedding fayres. Basically a Familymoon is what it says on the tin – a honeymoon, but with family; this could be children, perhaps in a newly-blended family, and/or one or more parents-in-law.

But why would people take a Familymoon, surely the whole point of a honeymoon is for the new couple to spend together-time alone? Well, that’s how we look on it now, but the honeymoon as we know it today is a relatively new thing. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that upper-class couples (ie those who could afford it) began taking honeymoons abroad. This would usually be a delightful tour of Europe and take several weeks. Prior to this, in the early 1800s upper-class British newlyweds would take a ‘Bridal Tour’. Usually this would mean visiting friends and family who had not been able to attend the wedding itself, presumably to collect good wishes and pressies! Interestingly, these Bridal Tours would often see the happy couple accompanied by in-laws or close friends. So, we’ve, kind of, come full circle!

Of course a bride and groom in the 1800s would certainly not be accompanied on their honeymoon by their children! But for modern couples a Familymoon can be appealing in both a practical and personal sense. Unlike in the 1800s today’s newlyweds have likely been living together for some years and taken holidays together, so there isn’t the same need for a couple to escape from it all to get to know each other. A Familymoon has lots of pluses – if you have young children you don’t want to be separated from; take them with you! And why not take mum-in-law as a built-in babysitter. And if you are a blended family; a Familymoon is a wonderful start to your new life together as a ‘formal’ family unit!

So where could you go on your Familymoon? Well, where do you want to go?! You can take a Familymoon pretty much wherever you want. And that trip can be as chilled or as active as you want it to be. Don’t feel constricted by what you see online or in a High Street brochure; one of the benefits of working with me at Travel Lightly is that the world really is your oyster. You could safari in Africa or soak up some rays on a tropical beach – or both! If you’re not sure about location, let us know what you want from the trip and leave it to me to design the perfect Familymoon. We specialise in creating honeymoons and Familymoons that are just right for you.

You might ask what makes a Familymoon different from a regular family holiday? Just like with honeymoon’s many resorts now offer special Familymoon rates and benefits. You can expect to be treated like royalty, with private airport transfers and a glass of fizz on arrival at your resort. You could also indulge in lots of exclusive Familymoon treats; this could include a delicious, sunset family dinner on the beach, an element of complimentary baby-sitting, a family photo shoot or special family-focused activities like speed boat trips, dolphin encounters, cooking classes or spa sessions. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

When it comes to your accommodation in resort, this too can be exactly what you want. If you’re travelling in a large group – why not take a villa? Don’t worry about the self-catering aspect of this; you won’t be changed to the kitchen as villas often come with a chef. Or you could take a property that was attached to a hotel so you would have the best of both worlds! And if you are an extended family group you could consider block booking a smaller hotel. Just think what a wonderful start to your Happily Ever After that would be!

If you are planning your Familymoon (or honeymoon), get in touch to talk through your options. And why not hit the like button on Travel Lightly’s Facebook and Instagram pages to stay in touch!

Happy wedding planning folks!



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Director, Travel Lightly

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