Something new for October

On Sunday 8th October 2023, hundreds of brave souls abseiled 165 feet from the iconic Forth Railway Bridge in aid of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, amongst other charities.

A unique opportunity to experience the thrill of abseiling from one of the world’s most famous landmarks, while also raising money for a vital charity – Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. The leading charity in Scotland that fights chest, heart, and stroke disease. They provide vital support to people affected by these conditions, and they fund research to find new and better treatments.

How it started – with an AMBER weather warning Eeeek.

We packed up some lunch, a change of clothes, some waterproofs. The night before I received a text from CHSS advising me that despite the Amber weather warning the abseil would be going ahead. News which did not fill me with any confidence or enthusiasm.

I just want to add – Andrew was not abseiling he was attending as a supporter – his face might say otherwise, as he knows how clumsy I am so the fear on his face is well warranted.

Almost there – no going back now

Strapped up and ready to go. I still had plenty of smiles at this point. Everyone who was climbing up to the top gave words of support and encouragement, which was a great help whilst puffing and panting up the stairs to the bridge.

Over we go – one small step at a time

 The bridge is 165 feet tall, and the views from the top are breathtaking, even on a foggy day like this. However, standing on the edge of the bridge, looking down at the ground below, was a daunting experience and the reality of what I was about to do sunk in.

You spin me right round baby, right round

As I started by decent down the bridge, my heart pounding in my chest and my palms aching as I gripped onto the rope with all my might. To try and stop myself from spinning round in dizzying circles.

Still smiling (to hide the fear)

As I started to relax and enjoy the experience. The views from the bridge was amazing, and the feeling of weightlessness is exhilarating.

Once I completed the abseil, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment. Having done something that many people only dream of doing. Along with raising money for a very worthy charity.

How it finished – with a few tears of joy

Having my life long friend Lesley-Anne surprise me at the finish with flowers and her gorgeous Grandson Parker, helped distract me from my shaky legs as my body still released all the adrenaline. The whole event raised over £122,000 for CHSS. I think from now on I will stick to selling raffle tickets.

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