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Wee Bitty About Me

My Name

My name is Milqueya(Mil-Kay-Yah) Collin.
This was shortened to Milque (Mil-Kay) by my inspirational Grandfather Henry. I am proud to be a muddled blend of Dominican and Scots. One of the benefits of having an unusual name is that you cannot be shy, and it is always a useful icebreaker when meeting anyone new.

My Idol

My Grandfather, who was responsible for setting my moral compass and teaching me to embrace all the variety life has to offer, said I complained that the weather never changed in Dominican Republic like it did in Scotland. On a very chilly winter’s night I do find this hard to believe. But there must have been some truth there because Eyemouth, a small fishing village on the Scottish Border, is the place where I created a home.

My Journey

I have experienced many things in life. Some sadder, some happier, some brighter and some darker than most.  No-one’s life is perfect and I believe that my own story allows me to have some degree of understanding of the bereaved family’s experience, while telling the life story of their loved one.

Why I became a Celebrant

– I believe life should be celebrated as often as possible.
– A funeral should be about the person and the legacy they leave behind.
– And lastly, because I love meeting new people.

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Celebrate life’s milestones – weddings, naming days, and farewells – with a personalised ceremony.

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