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I was delighted to meet a magician at the Kelso Wedding Show – I watched as he performed tricks to the passing crowd and he had me hooked. I was so pleased when he agreed to be part of my monthly blogs.

Without further ado allow me to introduce the talented, magical Dave Reubens.

How would you describe your job to an alien?

“I’m a magician. I entertain people by creating moments of wonder that they’ll remember for months, if not years to come. I do this by using illusions, which are tricks that make something unexpected and highly unlikely seem to be happening before your eyes.”

What brought you into the world of magic and all things whimsical?

“I started performing magic for my friends and family after I saw some street performers in Covent Garden. I quickly realized that I loved performing and that I was good at it. I joined the Edinburgh Magic Circle and started learning more advanced magic. Before long, I was able to make a living as a magician.”

Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to?

“I’ve never had a mentor, but I do have good friends who are also magicians. We support each other and offer ideas. My entertainment heroes include Steve Martin, the Amazing Jonathan, and Derren Brown.”

What services do you offer?

“I perform magic for weddings, parties, and corporate events. I can do close-up magic, stage shows, or a mix of both.”

What locations do you cover?

“I’m based in Edinburgh, but I travel all over the place. I’ve performed in England, Australia, and even on a moving bus!”

Which illusion are you proudest of or which is your favorite?

“For close-up magic, I love the ‘ring & string’ illusion. For stage magic, I enjoy the classic ‘bullet catch’ illusion, but I use a paintball gun instead.”

Do you have a claim to fame?

“I’ve been featured on the BBC, on Australian TV, and in a number of newspapers.”

I overheard you mention that you created a magic trick by accident. Was it an accident or perhaps it was fate lending you a hand?

“Every magic routine needs a theme or won’t be relatable. This means sometimes we will tell a white lie with the aim of increasing the entertainment value. However, I have discovered other magic by accident. It usually comes about through familiarisation. For instance, as I’m constantly handling playing cards, I might suddenly find a sleight of hand move that makes things easier or different. Over time, these little moves all add up and you end up with a whole new toolbox of ideas to dip into and make the magic more unique and better.”

What has been the best audience reaction you have achieved?

“People usually react with applause or laughter, but every so often, you get some hilariously strange reactions. People have gone intensely silent or have instantly walked away from the table in disbelief because they can’t cope. Probably my favourite reaction is when people forget how to talk. ‘Hang on… what the?! Eh? What? Eh? The thing was… what?!'”

Dave is a talented and passionate magician who loves to entertain people. Described by those who know him best as “Quirky, fun, and mischievous.” A great addition to any party, so why not book him today.




He is always looking for new ways to create illusions that will amaze and delight their audiences.

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