A Boutonniere / Buttonhole

All you need to know – a full guide to what, where and who should wear one.

What is a Boutonniere or Button hole?

A flower that someone wears in the buttonhole of, or fastened to, their jacket on a special occasion such as a wedding. The groom and his men might choose to adorn a flower which matches the brides bouquet or perhaps try something unique which is meaningful to him.

No need to follow tradition – create your own unique Boutonniere using feathers, crystals, pearls, metal or even a fishing flies. Make it true to you and your character. Any embellishment worn should be a representation of you and who you are.

Where should a Boutonniere or Buttonhole be worn?

Right, left, upwards, downwards – the question on every grooms asks? Where should I wear it and how should I wear it?

You should position it above the heart. The Boutonnieres belongs on the left lapel of your suit. Parallel to the outer edge seam, in the middle of the two seams for balance. Often a special buttonhole would be built into the suit at this precise location.

For more details on how to pin your Boutonniere securely follow the link below


Who care wear a Boutonniere or Buttonhole?

The correct answer is anyone!

Traditionally a buttonhole is worn by any one in a suit who wants to add a little flair to their finest suit.

But we don’t follow tradition around these parts.

So I encourage anyone to wear one – whether it is for a traditional wedding or vow renewal get yourself dolled up and pin a little something onto your left hand side.

Follow the link below for more inspiration on Boutonnieres or Buttonholes


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