Very busy March

With the lighter nights fast approaching – its so much easier to find exciting new challenges. March was certainly a busy month for me, filled with lots of opportunities to get out of my comfort zone. I also got to meet a variety of new people and catch up with faces I hadn’t seen in a while.

Everyone has a different perspective on why and what – different reasons that brings them out of the house. Something in us that makes them search for clubs, groups, activities and classes. But, the one thing most of us look for is community, a shared passion, a sense of belonging. We seek to find that common ground, something we can share with others.

I started the month with a trip up to Kelso in the Scottish Borders for a Try Curling Experience. I can not praise it enough. Jim and Liz were excellent teachers and thankfully very patient with me as I slid about the ice like Bambi. Due to the very competitive company I took with me – we even won the short curling game we played.

I always find it helpful to team up with friends when trying something new. Sarah and I attempted our first ever Coldingham Swings! dance class. Had I known Sarah was a well versed award winning dancer I may have taken the time to practice a wee bit or at the very least watch a few tik tok’s for guidance (like many of us Tik Tok is where I learn all my life skills).

Unexpectedly, we found ourselves finishing the night off with a Drum Circle courtesy of the amazing Liza Cole – Sounds Good. I left the hall that night feeling so energised, like a kid again with a smile which spread from ear to ear.

Finally, I end the month with my first ever Border Ceremonies Giveaway, to celebrate the publication of my article about trying something new in the Eyemouth Living magazine. The gorgeous Teigen was the lucky winner of £50 and her something new idea was to try and grow her own vegetables. I added a bag of seeds to help her get started on something new.

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