Something new for June

Well, what can I say….

It has been a very damp month.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten up to much during this month 😞

Currently doing a lot in July, to make up for it.

I did however get the chance to feel like a big kid, thanks to a wee train named Lloyd. He resides at Ayton Castle an absolutely stunning location which holds weddings amongst many other celebrations.

Back to Lloyd, he doesn’t go far but he is tons of fun. We set of from the car park and headed towards the castle. Where we met Caroline, from soil sisters and she treated us to some delicious cakes with lots of gluten free options.

Highly recommended a trip on the train. But, if you aren’t willing to be as draft as me. Explore the grounds of Ayton Castle at the very least and treat yourself to a cake 🍰.

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