Something new for August

August most certainly ended with a bang for me at Lindisfarne Festival. My first time camping at a festival and I am proud to say I managed the full 3 nights. Excited to say it won’t be my last. Every night was brilliant but my favourite night was Thursday night reliving my youth listening to stereo MC’s. (I can hear you all opening a new tab to find out who they are lol). Another great band for you to look up is the Lancashire Hotpots – my first ever attempt at the Dad dance was perhaps not my finest moment.

I was extremely good to myself whilst I was away and treated myself to not one but two gong baths. If you haven’t already tried one I highly recommend getting one. I also got a back massage. And oh!! the food all I can say is wow – Caribbean Goat Curry, Taco’s, fully loaded fries, Tipsy Chia. It felt like I had travelled the world in a weekend (via tastebuds) and I never left Lindisfarne.

How could I make next year even better ? Mmm well I would love to officiate a wedding at the festival. Surely there is some avid festival fan out there who would love to make their vows on the stage or by the huge sign. Imagine what a memorable day that would be.

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