Photo shoot with Bee from Kerr Photography

As a Celebrant, I find self promotion and marketing very difficult.

Where do you even begin selling yourself?

Especially when social media isn’t your friend and technology appears to be racing ahead of me.

I should not have fretted even for a second. With the help of Bee from Kerr photography

I found myself instantly at ease. I know this might be hard to believe but I am camera shy, honest. I know my multitude of selfies may suggest otherwise. But I’ve never felt photogenic. Bee was a magician she knew how to get the best from me and how to encourage me to relax.

Bee found her love for photography at 17 years old, when she got her first camera. She explained how she loved capturing people laughing. Click in the button just at the right moment, when all defences are down and people are sharing a second of pure joy.

Bee offers a wide range of photography from websites to weddings. She has everything covered.

Check out the tik tok video she created of our day.

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