Let your wedding cake be your canvas!

Wedding cakes in the UK hold a rich history filled with symbolism. Traditionally, fruitcakes were the norm, their dense nature and ability to be preserved reflecting prosperity and a long-lasting marriage. The top tier was often saved for the christening of the couple’s first child, a tradition still practised by some today.

The humble wedding cake no longer needs to conform with traditions and it can be your canvas to tell your story. Incorporate your wedding theme into more than just the decorations. The modern wedding cake is now a piece of art which can become the centrepiece of your reception.  No need to be restricted by the traditional fruitcake format. 

While the fruitcake remains a special part of some UK weddings, modern couples have plenty of options to personalise their cake and embrace new trends: I turned to Kat from ‘Bake My Cake’ for a wee bit of guidance on cake and all things sweet.

Bake My Cake: Where Sweet Dreams Come True

Kat - Bake My Cake

A Name Born from Passion:

“Bake My Cake” came naturally! I wanted a simple, memorable name that reflected the joy of baking. It embodies the essence of what I do: creating sweet treats that bring a smile to people’s faces.

From Scottish Borders to Beyond:

I’m nestled in Coldstream, Scottish Borders, and I spread the love of delicious cakes across the Scottish Borders, North Northumberland, and Edinburgh.

Catering to All Dietary Needs:

I’m thrilled to offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan cakes! I’ve meticulously perfected my recipes to ensure everyone can indulge in a slice of happiness, regardless of dietary restrictions. In fact, I can’t wait to create a beautiful vegan wedding cake I have on the books!

A Celebration of Life’s Sweetest Moments:

While I offer a variety of celebration cakes for birthdays, naming days, and more, my heart truly belongs to wedding cakes. There’s a unique magic and artistry involved in crafting these special centrepieces, and I find immense joy in creating them.

From Chef to Cake Artist:

My journey with baking began unexpectedly. As a seasoned chef with years of experience in hospitality, I discovered a newfound passion during my pregnancy. My very first cake was a revelation, sparking a love affair with baking that continues to this day. My artistic background fuels my creativity, and seeing a finished cake transformed into a work of edible art brings me immense satisfaction.

Savoury or sweet the perfect macarons hit the spot every time

The Challenge and Reward of Macarons:

My favourite creations are undoubtedly macarons. These delicate delights present a delightful challenge, as their success hinges on precise techniques and a touch of baking magic. The anticipation of revealing perfectly formed macarons after baking is truly rewarding.

Beyond the Wedding Cake:

Kat, your wonderful idea of  DIY Easter biscuit boxes with piping bags and plain biscuits is truly inspiring! It sparked a new concept: offering children’s decorating workshops where they can unleash their creativity and decorate cookies with vibrant royal icing.

Easter Cake in a Box

Perfection on a Plate:

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to perfection and meticulous attention to detail. My cakes are not just visually stunning; they are flavour explosions designed to tantalise your taste buds. This duality is what I strive for in every creation. Delivered straight to your door a tasting box.

A Savoury Twist:

For those who prefer savoury treats, I offer a delightful alternative: stilton and pear macarons! This unexpected combination is a true revelation for the palate.

The Art of Cake Cutting:

For flawless cake slices, the secret lies in using a hot knife! Dipping your knife in hot water before cutting ensures smooth, clean cuts. You can even find helpful tutorials on my Instagram page showcasing this simple yet effective technique.

Sweeten Up Your Celebrations:

I offer a delightful array of wedding and party favours, including sugar cookies (fondant and iced), macarons, cake pops, and cakesicles. These personalised treats can be customised to match your theme and double as charming thank-you gifts for your guests.

So, come explore Kat’s world of “Bake My Cake” and let her transform your sweet dreams into delectable realities!

Email Kat today for your delicious treat at bakemycake1@outlook.com


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